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How to not get robbed in Prague

Prague belongs to the safest cities and generally you don’t have to be anxious about living there and walking on the streets both days and nights. Yet, there are still some safety tips that will help you to not put yourself in danger and protect your belongings.

You can find pickpockets everywhere around famous touristic attractions or among many people gathered in one place. And when walking through a city center in Prague, you will surely find yourself in such situations. The thieves are waiting for a several mistakes people make to steal their wallets, passports, phones or other valuables. It is fairly easy to avoid those mistakes and by that not to give them any chance.

First advice is to carry with you only what is absolutely necessary. Leave most of the cash at your accommodation as well as your passport and other cards you don’t need. Carry the stuff you have with you in a safely zipped pocket, ideally on your body so that you can feel it when someone is trying to open it. This is important especially in public transport since there is always too many people and you can’t really notice someone opening your bag.  Also, try not to check your valuable property in crowded places, by opening your bag you are only showing the possible pickpockets where can they find it.

Don’t leave your phone or your money in your trousers pockets since the pickpockets are well trained and very fast and can be gone before you notice. Never leave your things unattended, not even for a moment. When going to order coffee, or take a picture, take all your important things with you.

Another important advice is not to trust any people trying to sell you something on the streets and definitely not those who offer you a favourable exchange. Always go to an official office and check their rates properly and compare it to the actual official international rate so that you don’t lose a lot of money on fees. Pickpockets may try to approach you with many different stories, trying to sell you jewels, flowers or some other goods and distract you while someone else is searching in your backpack.

If for example your phone is extra expensive, you can invest some money into the newest gadgets that will protect it against pickpockets, like a belt with a secret pocket, a bag with a steel net that cannot be cut or a bag that looks like a city map. The best investment is always a good travel insurance that will make sure you get compensated for all possible losses.

The last advice that will help you to protect your money is about taxi drivers who are famous as imposters all around the world. The easiest thing you can do is not to just flag down a random taxi on the street but to use an official dispatching service or an application like for example Liftago in Prague. Check not only the price for one kilometer but also ask, what boarding fee will you pay and what is the price for waiting. When on the road, keep checking the taximeter and consider whether the numbers are realistic. When paying, always ask for a receipt.

In Prague, you don’t usually need to worry about your safety but if you read through these tips and keep them in mind, you may spare yourself some unforeseen troubles and enjoy your trip even more.

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