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Events and meetings

When you move to an unknown city, you probably try to get to know it as fast as possible. One amazing possibility to meet local people and find out something about their mentality and about the new country is to attend some of the local events and courses. It is not only a great way to find something about the culture but also to meet friends and perhaps try some activity you wouldn’t have done in your own country.

Prague has quite a few interesting courses and workshops led in English and there is something for everyone – whether you’re searching for an artistic course, physical activity or want to travel more through the Czech Republic.

#1 There are some clubs that will help you with the last mentioned. If you wish to get to know this small but charming country more, Discovering Prague ( will show you around (and not only around the capital). Join them for one of their trips to collect wild berries or mushrooms, try canoeing or hike to Czech caves and get some fresh air.

#2 Sometimes everyone gets a bit homesick and what’s better than meeting some people from your own country and talk in your native language for a while? On this site ( you can find variety of evenings held in different languages and focused on a specific culture. Among others you will find for example French, German, Spanish or Portugal meetings.

#3 Perhaps you would like to do something for your health or you are searching for a spiritual activity and for those cases, the yoga studio with classes in English is just the right choice! In Yoga space ( you can join the trainings and do something beautiful for your body and soul while getting to know people with similar interest.

#4 Many people who travel the world like to challenge themselves to get the most of their journey by pushing their own boundaries. Are you one of them? Maybe the acting classes are the challenge you are looking for ( Learn something about the art of acting, connect your mind and your body and find out, how to use the acting techniques in your everyday life and for example feel more secure about your job-related presentations.

#5 If you are looking for something artsy but acting is bit too extrovert for you, come to one of the crafty workshops that will teach you how to work with ceramics or show you the secrets pottery ( We don’t need to mention how immensely therapeutic these techniques are and how relaxed you will be after hours of dipping your hands in the soft clay. And if you don’t like to get your hands dirty, learn how to take gorgeous pictures with different cameras and using many techniques. There’s no doubt, knowing how to take pictures is one hell of a skill when travelling the world (

#6 Last but not least, the most popular courses in foreign countries are probably the cooking classes and for a good reason. Spending few hours smelling and tasting delicious food typical for the country, having fun, learning cool cooking and baking tricks and gaining friends that are also passionate about food. Is there a nicer way to spend an evening? (

#7 Besides the regular courses, you will always find plenty of irregular cultural events where both local and foreign people join together. Music festivals like the Colours of Ostrava, alternative concerts in Prague underground clubs, theatre plays and ballet with English subtitles in the National theater or for example many interesting lectures held by the Charles university. Almost every night you can go outside, enjoy some fun and meet new people.

People in the Czech Republic, especially the young ones, usually don’t have a problem switching into English when you join them so don’t be shy, meeting new people that will introduce you to their culture is not so hard!

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