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What are people like in Prague

There are many important things that determine how will you feel in a new country. And one of the most crucial ones is the local mentality. What are the people like? How will they treat you? Maybe no one will notice you or you will be in the spotlight. Perhaps, everyone will look down their noses at you or they will invite you to their homes.

There is always the first impression that tells you a lot and sets the tone of your first few days or weeks. Then you start to get to know the people more and you understand the culture better. Suddenly, the behavior makes sense to you and you even find yourself becoming a bit similar to those people. So, what will you be like after living in Prague for a longer period?

Well, there are some obvious things. You will get slightly chubby because of the good food and lots of the best beer, which is more than acceptable to drink as early as at 10 o´clock in the morning. Also, the delicious beer is usually cheaper than a glass of water. So, who the hell would drink water? Apart from enjoying their cuisine, Czech people are a little peculiar and even though it might take some time to understand their beauty, once you will get there, you will fall in love with them.

People in Czech Republic are often divided (or more likely divide themselves) into Praguers and non-Praguers. There is also a competition between people, especially students, from Prague and Brno. Each of them think they are the better ones and their city is the best. While people from Prague are allegedly hostile and arrogant, the rest of the republic are the village men with a hay sticking from their shoes. The truth is, that, apart from a few unbearable individuals, you will only scarcely meet someone you could easily label as coming from Prague or, on the contrary, from a tiny village.

Another unflattering thing you might be hearing about people in Prague is, that they are xenophobic and some newbies can have problems with a smooth integration. Well, it definitely happens that you come into a supermarket, a post office or to a municipality and the clerks and assistants are rude to you. Nevertheless, don´t think it´s because they know you´re not local. Don´t mistake our service abilities with a discrimination, the staff is equally rude to everyone! The best way to deal with this is, ironically, to stay as positive as possible and keep your smile on. That will make the lose their composure and you will keep your good mood.

On the other hand, the cute thing about the possible disagreeability is, that with Czech people, you always know they are authentic! If the waitress doesn´t feel like being nice to you, she won´t be pretentious just to get a bigger tip. If she´s having a bad day, then she is not going to play a sweet girl just for you. To sum it up, you won´t get the fake servility travelers hate so much about some parts of America. And if the people are being nice to you, you know they are being true and you can stick around them.

Some might say, the Czech people are a bit cold and keep their distance and it is difficult to make friends there. It is true, that quite a big part of the world has an attitude “we trust you, unless you give us a reason not to”. In the Czech republic, you will find the opposite and people might be a bit reserved until you show them you´re worth their time and trust. But once you will get through this slightly distrustful layer, you will find out that it is hard to get rid of those people. Once they love, they do it with all their hearts and will show you even the deepest layers of their souls. And in some parts of the republic like for example southern Moravia, you will find the most welcoming people that will take incredibly good care of you straight away.

Also, the Czech people are great travelers, especially the young ones. They like to meet people around the whole world and bring the best habits back. The attitudes are slowly changing and the openness is way more common with the current young generation.

They are also hard-working and they like to deserve their free time so you can expect getting a bit hyped up by everyone around you doing crazy amount of things. This setting can be extremely inspiring and stimulating and you can use it to get ahead with some of your own projects.

In their free time, the Czech people like to relax fully, mostly in a nature. They love outdoor activities both local and foreign more than any other nation and they are always happy to connect with other random adventurers to set out on an adventure together.

One of the most charming things about this nation is their sense of humour. It is so dark and politically incorrect it will leave you open-mouthed at first. Soon enough you will learn that you can make fun of anything, anyone and anywhere and you will spend most of the evenings laughing so hard you might fall down from a bench.

All in all, the folks in Prague and Czech Republic are warm-hearted adventurers that are happy to get to know you and keep you in their lives. After a short time, you will find your group of people with whom you will have the best time and who will show you around the best places. It would be a pity to live there and only be in contact with other foreigners.

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