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After living somewhere for a long time, we always use plenty of smart applications or services that are making our lives easier without even thinking about it. When moving to a different place though, it takes time to discover these life hacks and sometimes we spend long months and lots of money before we find the right ones. If you´re living in Prague or considering moving there, here are some money and time saving tips you might find helpful. Some of the websites are only in Czech language but perhaps you can ask some of your Czech friends (or someone you like and are looking for an excuse to talk to) to help you with it!

Uber (Local taxi drivers)

Uber is a well-known alternative taxi service that is provided by local drivers. It is super easy to use (once you download the app) and favourable. It is worth trying before you call yourself some of the official taxi companies.

Rekola (Bikesharing)
This bikesharing gives you an awesome opportunity to discover the beautiful city of Prague in a great style. You can´t overlook the typical pink bikes from this company and after you register on the official website, they are all available to you. Looking up the closest bike, renting and returning it takes up only a few seconds and you can enjoy unlimited biking for a very reasonable price.

Kytky od potoka (Wild flowers florist)
Do you love to surround yourself with fresh and beautifully smelling flowers all year round? In this ecological local flower shop, they grow their own wild flowers without chemicals that are killing precious bees and will supply you regularly with the seasonal bouquets. You choose the size of it and the frequency (once a week or once a month) and they will deliver you a pretty piece of nature. Also, this subscription would make an awesome gift to some flower-lover.

Pivní pohotovost (Beer emergency)
Well, the reputation of the Czech Republic as a beer kingdom would not be fulfilled without such a service. Daytime or nighttime, when you feel like throwing a party (or you already have one and you´re running out of the beer dangerously fast), just give them a call and they will supply you with a barrel of your choice.


Jízda spolu (carsharing)
A little Czech sister of the mighty Blablacar offers you joining someone on their journey both around the Czech Republic and the whole Europe. If you feel like setting on a trip or getting somewhere and you want to do it just slightly more ecologically, don´t take your own car. Take a look whether, by any chance, someone is not heading your direction. You will share the gas costs and perhaps meet some very nice people!


Dame Jídlo (Food delivery)
This service offers a free delivery of food all around Prague. On their website, you can pick your favourite restaurant, choose from their menu and after a short time, your beloved food is in front of you. Enjoy a romantic dinner or an evening with your friends from the comfort of your home and without having to cook.


Dyzajn market (Design market)
If you like beautiful things, are a fan of local design and feel like at home among quirky and amazingly skilled people, this market is the right place to be. Few times every year they take over a plaza in front of the National theater or one of the small islands in the city center and stuff it with local producers selling their design pieces. Everything from clothes, jewellery, stationery and homeware to funny accessories for your pets and a delicious food and live music on top of that. Sounds like an awesome plan, right?

Bezobalu (Ecological no-package shop)
Do you like to think about our beautiful green planet when doing your groceries? Well, this shop is just the right place for you. You will bring your own containers and bags and buy food without unnecessary plastic packages. Everything there is in a BIO quality and you will save not only our environment but also some money. From September on, they will open a new and larger branch next to the Hradčanská subway station, where you will get not only food but also a drugstore goods.

Zoot (online clothes and accessories)
For all the fashion nuts who hate to be squeezing in small shops with tons of tourists! This website offers you thousands of design pieces for a good price. You just pick your favourites, choose all the sizes that might fit you and have them sent to the closest branch (there are many of them all around the city). There you will easily try them on and take only those that fit you perfectly. Fair warning, there are new products every day and strolling through the website is highly addictive.

Strojovna (DIY workshop)
In this workshop, you can have your clothes adjusted if it doesn´t fit you entirely. Or, even better, they will teach you how to do it yourself! Come and learn how to sew, stitch, remake, knit or weave or even how to print and color your clothes. You can use the machines in this workshop and meet some lovely skillful people.

Co je v Praze zadarmo (What to do for free in Prague)
Prague is one of the liveliest cities and there is something happening literally all the time. On this page, you will find a list of interesting events that are happening in and around the city for free. The list changes every month and will provide you with a wide range of activities including foodfestivals, workshops, concerts or flea markets. Very often there are also cute and quirky events like a kite flying.

Green-Prague taxi
Probably the fairest taxi service in the whole city that is also thoughtful of our planet. The Student agency company is popular for its comfortable and cheap trains and buses with free service and recently started also their own taxi service. Using ecological cars and offering free water, transparent charges and friendly drivers, it quickly became a favourite taxi service in Prague.

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