Survival Guide for Digital Nomads

The flip side of digital nomad’s lifestyle

Working digital nomad

Most people, who have not tried this way yet, usually think that being a digital nomad is a dream. Digital nomads work on the beach, have a lot of new friends and they are always very happy. But it’s not always true, actually I want to say mostly.

First work then play

Digital nomad is the lord of his working hours. To work or not to work only when you want , it’s not a good idea. It’s a way to hell. Believe me. Although you love your job, it’s hard, working on the trip. The greatest killer is to mix your work with a fun and relax. It is crazy and the procrastination probably kills you.

Determine what days of the week you will work on. Change the plan only in exceptional situations. Also tell yourself what time your working time starts and when do you want to stop. A good working plan is a basic principle for success. Also try some computer and mobile application for planning and buy some diary for your fast notes and time with a flat battery of your notebook. These things will save you nomad’s life.

No pain no gain

If you have just decided to become a digital nomad, it is not easy. The most people staying abroad have holiday mood and they immediately want to explore the new place. If you have several orders on the table that have to be completed in a few days, you should resist. Not everyone can do it. Late-surrendered work means fewer orders in the future. It is not a good idea to leave for your first nomad trip, for example to Sri Lanka. First, try it out – another city, a hike to the mountains, a neighboring state, etc. Walk away gradually from your home until you get used to it and you get enough self-discipline.

Golden rule: Never want to make more changes at one time, most likely, you will not be able to make even one.

Work starters

A work starter is for most people, for example a morning travel to work or a morning meeting. For this reason, most nomads chose co-working centers and cafes to preserve work efficiency. It is really difficult to learn to work where you are sleeping or resting. It is possible to learn it. You need a heap of will, self-denial, and sometime procrastination before you can get really upset and deny yourself. Once you can work at home, be careful not to forget to rest. I recommend to separate the study from the bedroom – by wall, some hall or at least by a curtain.

Family, friends and relationships

An emotional topic for every single digital nomad is family and friendships. The digital nomad is basically a lonely person in the crowd. You constantly meet new and new people, then say goodbye and you will probably never meet again. You will not remember how much you missed your old friends’ weddings. Your mom will constantly blame you for your damn travelling. Do you think you’re only going to leave for a couple of weeks and then come back? It is a fault.. Travel is a drug and it will not let you go. Keep in mind that digital nomads can travel with their family, especially with children. You have to want it and the solution comes.

To have or to be

When you are travelling with a backpack, material things mean nothing. You are interested in your laptop, mobile and internet connection. You have no favorite T-shirt. Clothes will become just a useful thing. More things mean heavier backpack. The experience is more important. To have or to be, that is the question. I am pulling your leg. This is the name of the book by Erich Fromm. It is definitely amazing book

Not everyone can become a digital nomad. But if you do it and start to live as digital nomad, it’s awesome.

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